Friday, June 20, 2014

mashup 6/18

ok, sorry for the delay and I hope I can remember all of what we did.

Heeling with sit and down.

platform work,You can practice luring your dog into a flattened cardboard box if you don't have anything for them to step onto.
here's a link I first watched about heeling using the step up box. This is not the local Fayetteville canine connection. This guy is out of NY i think.Very nice, clear use of his body.
watch this, Also watch the way he moves his body and how he delivers treats.
then this


I'm always watching youtube videos. Here are a few I keep my eye on. If I don't have a link you can just youtube search it.
Ian Dunbar
Karen Pryor
Michael Ellis

These are just a few.
Remember to start looking for tricks you want to teach your dog. We'll do crawl, roll over, sit pretty/beg, hula hoop jumping, walking between your legs......

ok. happy training.

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