Thursday, October 9, 2014

Advanced 10/8/14

WOW I knew this was going to be a fast paced class but that was awesome!!  Please Please Please let me know if I need to slow down or repeat things.  You both did great jobs keeping up.
We covered Look, Leave it, Heel and automatic sit.

Heel -please click the link and read the information regarding heeling.
practice reducing your rates of reinforcement slowly. if your dog loses contact/attention with you please offer more rewards/reinforcers.

Look- be sure to start with luring your dog to look at your face. Once they're looking at you consistently, hide the food behind your back or hold your hands away from your face and say look. Wait for them to look into your eyes, mark the behavior and reward.
Once your dog looks into your eyes consistently, begin delaying the marker to prolong eye contact.

Leave it - begin with the excercise of showing them an item they're not allowed to have, mark when they look away or stop trying to get the item. Reward.
Start saying "leave it" as you present the item they're not allowed to have.  Mark and reward any pause in their trying to get the item.
Drop the item on the ground and bodyblock them until they look at you as if to say "Hey, what's up with that?", mark and reward as you move your dog away from the item on the floor.
WALKING leave it! - walk past the item on the ground, command leave it, immediately offer treats as you walk away from the item. MARK THE INSTANT THEY STOP TRYING TO GET THE ITEM ON THE FLOOR!  Also, be sure you don't STOP walking away until you're far from the item in question.  If the item is a car you need to be on leash for safety AND have the best cheese or yummy treat to entice them to look away from it.

Automatic Sit - As you're heeling with food in your dogs face, take a few steps to slow down then bring your treat directly up towards your armpit as you say "sit".
If you want your dog to sit without being told every time you stop moving, practice as mentioned then don't say sit.  Cue your dog with treats but don't say sit. Wait for them to sit and mark the right behavior.  practice that for a while then start reducing the lure.