Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MASHUP 6/11/14

Please read WALK WITH ME 

Ok, here's what we did today in the advanced mashup.  Start with teaching the "heel" position.
THEN, once we're in heel position we were walking around the room asking for sit and down.  I recommend starting off with your dog between you and a wall and starting asking for the sit before the down.  Once you're comfortable with that you can begin asking for the down from a standing position.
We began teaching the crawl trick by having them start in a down and rewarding them for following the treat without getting off the ground.

Separating the verbal and physical cue for the DOWN.
I'll be honest, there's a great video by another trainer that I'll email to you directly.

Another student from my basic class will be joining us next week, let's give Sparky and Minerva a warm welcome. They've completed my puppy class and have shown amazing committment to their relationship. I think they'll be a nice addition to our class.

SO, with that said, here's a recap of our curriculum.

week 1. Practice Basic skills, emphasise focuse, using one cue, and heeling. Down and sit while walking/heeling.

week 2. stay behaviors for sit and down. 30 second sit stay and 60 second down stay. Heeling, Leave it and WAIT!

Week 3 and 4. CGC skills

Weeks 5 and 6 tricks

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